Our Philosophy:

At SoundStructures we do NOT manufacture “Audio Furniture”. We design and manufacture passive audio (and video) component support systems – We call them “SoundStructures”.

We do not lay claim to the magical ability to “eliminate” or “isolate” vibration energy.

Those trying to attain that specific objective have wasted their own energy in the pursuit of the wrong approach… or they may simply be pandering to the gullibility of the audiophile market.

Every SoundStructure has been carefully engineered to correctly manage residual resonant energy, enabling all components to operate to their full potential.

For the Loudspeaker SoundStructures and Plinths, additional acoustic variables are addressed.

All elements that make up a SoundStructure have been carefully engineered with the specific function of synergistically maximising efficiency of the design.

Some of the materials used in the design and construction of SoundStructures have been cost-effectively manipulated to meet our objectives. Other materials have been specifically developed to further facilitate the realisation of these objectives. Our unique PolyCeramic composite is an example of this dedication to sonic detail.

NO audio or audio-visual system reflects it’s true value WITHOUT a SoundStructure. A SoundStructure should be the starting point of all superior sounding systems. Maximising the potential of your sonic investment is our primary goal.

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